Reconditioning Automotive Components

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Cleaning the parts by hand or using a dry blast system does not achieve the same finishing results as an Aquablast machine, which specialises in producing a shiny and polished finish. The vapor blasting technology removes soiling quickly and easily in a controlled environment.

Media and detergent can be mixed with water into slurry to aid the Aquablast’s cleaning process, which can help to remove more stubborn marks and soiling on the parts. The vapor blasting machine is a lot quicker to use than other methods, especially cleaning by hand, resulting in a reduction in production times.

Starter and Alternator Brackets

The Aquablast machine is used to blast clean starter and alternator brackets to provide a high quality, aesthetically pleasing surface finish at the same time as degreasing. These components have an "as-new" finish after vapor blasting, making the Aquablast a very popular choice of machine in the automotive component reconditioning business.

Turbo Charger Vapor Blast Cleaning

The Aquablast vapor blasting machine with it's outstanding cleaning action can be used to clean turbo chargers and provides an excellent exterior surface finish. Components cleaned with an Aquablast have an "as-new" finish, with all contamination removed, and no surface damage or impregnation as can occur using more aggressive shot blast techniques.


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