Vixen is still operating as normal, in compliance with UK Government social distancing guidelines, and we would like to reassure everyone that we are open and responding to enquiries. In the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in, our thoughts are with the families of those fighting the COVID-19 virus and with front-line health workers around the world.

Non Wetblasting Products

As well as the Aquablast range of wetblasting equipment, VIXEN supply a number of other special cleaning and degreasing solutions. Further information on these machines is available on our UK website at

Washing and Degreasing EquipmentWashing and Degreasing Equipment

Vixen manufactures a wide range of automatic washing and degreasing machines, ranging from top loading and front loading batch type machines, through to continuous inline archimedes screw and conveyor type machines.

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Washing and Degreasing EquipmentDry Blast Cleaning Machines

Vixen manufactures a full range of dry blast cabinets, from our economical Fox range which is accessible to all sectors of industry due to its affordability; through to our Jetair range of industrial pressure blast cabinets which are available in standard and custom built form.

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Washing and Degreasing Equipment

Phosphating Machines

Vixen has developed a comprehensive range of aqueous pre-treatment phosphating plants to provide alternatives to Trichlorethylene and other solvents which are becoming more and more restricted in their use for degreasing/pre-treatment.

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 Details of our full range of machines in all these categories can be found at Vixen’s European website at

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