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Cube Aquablast

Vixen’s Cube Aquablast is the ideal machine to fit seamlessly into a busy workplace or production line due to the cubic shape and double guillotine doors.

The Cube Aquablast uses Vixen’s wetblasting technology like the standard Aquablast, but the guillotine door opening along with the fixed internal and external rails makes the machine easier to load and blast components that are passed through a production line. The rail conveyor system that is also fitted on this machine allows larger or heavier components to be loaded in and out of the machine freely and easily.

All of the controls for the Cube Aquablast are located on the sloping panel above the large viewing window for ease of operator use. The machine is also available in the three standard Aquablast sizes; the 915, 1215 and 1515. Alternatively, Vixen is able to modify the machine to meet the customer’s specification and requirements.

  • Dust-free process
  • Cleans by flow and not by impact
  • 'Soft' finish appearance on components
  • Longer media life
  • Windscreen wiper
  • Tungsten Carbide nozzle
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Double (optional) guillotine doors - ideal for constant throughput
Width Depth Height
1215mm (Internal) 1180mm (Internal) 1050mm (Internal)

Trolley and turntable with external loading

Where heavy items are to be processed it is often easier to load these items external to the blast cabinet using an overhead crane or perhaps a fork lift truck. Vixen offer this facility on all the Aquablast range with standard and special load capacities where required. The turntable can be moved outside of the chamber, loaded and wheeled back in. In some cases where needed the turntables can be linked to an electric drive inside the cabinet for operator ease.

Free standing Hydro cyclone

Free standing Hydro cyclone

This item comes complete on a stainless steel frame and being very light it can easily be lifted into the cabinet. Once inside the cabinet a bucket is placed under the cyclone and the blast gun is connected to the cyclone. The operator simply depresses the foot pedal and the abrasive begins filling the bucket which enables easy emptying of the machine of abrasive.

Fixed Turntable inside blast chamber

Turntables are a very popular option. A fixed turntable inside the machine enables easy manoeuvrability of the components to be blasted. These turntables can also be electrically gear driven if required, but in most cases can be manipulated by hand with loads of up to 50kg.

Fixed blast gun holder

With small components it is often easier for the gun to be locked into a holder and the operator simply manipulates the small part in the blast stream.

Automatic media concentration monitor

Where the integrity of the abrasive is critical and the concentration must be absolutely constant it is often easier to use the media concentration monitor which enables the operator to check the abrasive mix periodically by simply pressing a button.

Wet Cyclonic media clarification

The wet cyclones are designed to automatically remove broken down abrasive and sediment from the blasting process. These are normally specified where the blasting process is critical such as aerospace applications. The benefits of the wet cyclone are that any spent abrasive is removed and the finish integrity does not deteriorate in any way as the abrasive remains consistent.

Closed Loop System

Vixen’s closed loop system allows the machine to operate without the need of a mains water supply or drain nearby. This system is a large sedimentation filter unit that filters the liquid sufficiently and uses a heavy-duty air operated diaphragm pump to recycle water for the rinse gun and window wash.

The closed loop sedimentation tank is supplied with a series of Vixen designed containers which have an overlap feature. These are Vixen’s tooling and are fitted with weirs to allow water to cascade from one container to allow fine particles of debris or broken abrasive to settle in the containers. These containers can easily be removed for cleaning individually and make maintenance of the closed loop system quick and easy.

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