Aquablast Automatic Vapor Blasting Tumbler Machine

Vixen's front loading Aquablast tumbler machine range is designed to finish batches of components using the wetblast process automatically.

The machine operates using a PLC controller. This controller is programmed with the various functions so as to produce a consistent finish on batches of components. Various drum designs are available as well as rinse options.


The Aquablast/wetblast principle uses a mixture of abrasive and water which is propelled to the blast gun. This 'slurry' is then accelerated using compressed air and on impact with components to be cleaned. The slurry can lightly degrease (if an additive is used in the water) and also produce a uniform finish on the components being blasted automatically.

  • Fully stainless steel construction
  • Quick release highly efficient submersible polyurethane pump
  • PLC Controller for the following...
  • Blast Cycle Times
  • Rinse cycle times
  • Water temperatures
  • Drain valve opening & closing
  • Windscreen wiper & rinse

Vixen offer its customers a free testing service where samples can be sent to its state-of-the art demonstration room and tested using an extensive range of blasting and degreasing machines and equipment. 

By doing so, Vixen can clearly establish the correct blasting and degreasing equipment for a particular application and advise the customer on which works best. As well as this, the customer can also see which abrasive or detergent is most suitable for their specific needs, and make a decision based on the results.

Vixen’s experienced sales engineers carry out all of the necessary tests, and then send the components or samples back to the customer to review and consider before the purchase of a machine.

To arrange your free sample processing, or for a free, no obligation demonstration of any Vixen machine call us now on +44(0)1642 769333 or click here to fill in our enquiry form.

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