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Aqua Wheelblaster

The Aqua Wheelblaster is designed to simultaneously wash, blast and etch alloy wheels after minor kerb damage in one simple step, ready for painting and lacquering. This machine is revolutionising the SMART alloy repair industry.

All paint processes in modern cars, whether on bodywork or wheels, are chemically etch prepared prior to painting, so there is little benfit in removing well adhered paint from new alloy wheels. The Aqua Wheelblaster does not strip the wheel back to bare metal, instead, it creates the perfect key for paint to adhere to. This is ideal for quick, same day repairs.

Wheels blasted in the Aqua Wheelblaster can be etched in just a few minutes compared to manual methods, which could take an hour to complete.


  • Dust-free process
  • Wheels are etched, not stripped
  • Quick process
  • One machine does it all 6 processes in one cabinet
  • No additional washing machines required
Width Depth Height
1215mm 1050mm 873mm

Vixen offer its customers a free testing service where samples can be sent to its state-of-the art demonstration room and tested using an extensive range of blasting and degreasing machines and equipment. 

By doing so, Vixen can clearly establish the correct blasting and degreasing equipment for a particular application and advise the customer on which works best. As well as this, the customer can also see which abrasive or detergent is most suitable for their specific needs, and make a decision based on the results.

Vixen’s experienced sales engineers carry out all of the necessary tests, and then send the components or samples back to the customer to review and consider before the purchase of a machine.

To arrange your free sample processing, or for a free, no obligation demonstration of any Vixen machine call us now on +44(0)1642 769333 or click here to fill in our enquiry form.

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