Ethiopian Airlines

Vertical Tabs

Dan, one of Vixens highly trained service engineers, visited Ethiopian Airlines to commission their new machine and provide training to all operators. Dan set off to Ethiopia on the 16th of April and spent 4 days ensuring all of the training was complete, and all of the operators knew how to work the machine confidently. He was shown around the Ethiopian Airlines factory to see for himself the great work that is produced there. Whilst Dan was there he also got to have a look at the first ever plane that was built by Ethiopian Airlines!

Vixen Surface Treatments were recommended to Ethiopian Airlines by other aerospace companies that also have Vixen machines. Ethiopian Airlines are the largest airline in Africa, flying their planes to every continent in the world. To find out what they had to say about Vixen and the service they received click the link to take you to their full case study …..

Prior to Ethiopian Airlines purchasing their Vixen machine they used different blast cabinets, which often became run down and frequently needed replacement parts wasting time and money. To ensure they purchased the machine which was right for them, they worked alongside Vixens in house design team and even visited Vixens factory in the North East of England to sign off the machine and test it before it was shipped out to their premises.

This particular bespoke machine had two separate operator stations to aid the larger parts being processed inside the cabinet. It also featured a rotary boom in the hopper to continuously rinse down the media back into the sump. This machine also features a guillotine door, a cyclone separation system and a media concentration monitor to enable the operator to periodically check the abrasive mix. Ethiopian Airlines opted for the closed loop rinse system to recycle the rinse water and to freely site the machine in their workshop without it needing to be connected to a drain or main water supply.

After the visit Dan made to Ethiopia we received some great feedback:

“We really appreciate all of the commissioning work you have done, the training is perfect!” – Addis from Ethiopian Airlines.

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