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All you need to set up your Aquablast in one Video!

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At Vixen, our number one priority is providing companies worldwide with excellent customer service. Along with the helpful aftersales department that we have situated at the Vixen factory we also have distributors worldwide to make your experience with Vixen as personal and as close to home as possible. With this in mind we came up with the idea to create installation videos for all the customers who need extra guidance when setting up their new Aquablast machine!

Rick Paul one of our distributors in the USA visited the Vixen factory and whilst he was here he gave us a helping hand to make the videos as worthwhile as possible. We wanted to make sure that the series of videos created gave potential customers more confidence to purchase our machines and for existing customers to be able to set them up quickly and easily so they could get down to business…

The videos created were split up into 10 sections, each video entails:

An introduction to the Aquablast machine.

The initial set up of the machine – this video shows you how to set up the machine with a closed loop rinse system.

Initial set up – this shows you how to set up a machine with an open loop system.

Electrical Components- this video gives you a brief over view of the electrical components.

Powering up – Getting the machine up and running.

Phasing the machine – VERY IMPORTANT! Before adding water you need to make sure the motor is turning in the correct direction or it could damage the machine

Adding water

Basic operation -  You get to see Rick in action using the machine

Draining the machine

The closed loop system – This explains all about the closed loop system and how it works

Ventilation – Shows you the Aquablasts ventilation system.

You can find the link below to the youtube videos, or alternatively check out our YouTube account at

If the videos don’t cover everything you need then please give us a call on 01642 769333 and someone from our aftersales department will be happy to help.

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