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All you need to set up your Aquablast in one Video!

At Vixen, our number one priority is providing companies worldwide with excellent customer service. Along with the helpful aftersales department that we have situated at the Vixen factory we also have distributors worldwide to make your experience with Vixen as personal and as close to home as possible. With this in mind we came up with the idea to create installation videos for all the customers who need extra guidance when setting up their new Aquablast machine!

"The Vixen team were very helpful in all aspects"

Tim purchased the Aquablast 915 last year to process a range of parts and this is what he had to say:

VTM 2017 Exhibition

Vixen Denmark exhibited at the VTM 2017 show based at the Odense Congress Centre, on the 28th of February to the 3rd of March. During these 4 days, more than 5000 professionals visited the fair and Vixen’s stand proved to be very popular.

Vixen's Aquablast Makes First Appearance on Wheeler Dealers

Vixen were recently approached by one of Wheeler Dealers producers for the use of one of our Aquablast 915 wet blasting cabinets, to be featured on the latest episode on the Discovery channel Honda S2000. Star of the show, Edd China himself personally requested to try out Vixen’s Aquablast machine.

Edd is renowned for his passion for vehicles and is famously known for rebuilding cars. Edd’s success can partly be put down to his creativity using mechanics in unique ways and leading innovation within the industry.

The Vixen Team Spread Knowledge across the Atlantic

Rick Paul, Vixen’s American distributor and founder of ‘’, recently had the opportunity to visit our head office, based in Teesside, in the North East of England.  Not only was it his first visit to our factory, but it was his first time meeting all of the Vixen team face-to-face, after months of correspondence over email.

Little did Rick know; he was going to meet Ian Yearsley, Vixen’s most experienced sales engineer.

Stunning Carb Cleaning Results that Speak for Themselves

As part of Practical Sports Bike Magazine’s GPz750 restoration project, the time came for the carburettors to be restored. The Vixen cleaning machines were chosen after previously being used in the project for restoring the engine casings.

After stripping down the carbs and revealing what was what, it was concluded that the floats, jets and accompanying fittings needed to be thoroughly cleaned. In order to reach inaccessible areas it was decided that immersion washing with ultrasonics would be the best route.

Crystal Finish for Diamond Alloys

Diamond Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in the South of England specialises in refurbishing alloy wheels to the highest standards using the latest Diamond Cutting technology.

Aquablast Automatic Tumbler Machine added to Vixen Wetblasting Range

Vixen’s range of Aquablast wetblasting machines are becoming increasingly popular with companies looking for solutions to improve surface finishing and the cleaning of more delicate components. Wetblasting is a dust free process and the Aquablast machines simultaneously degrease and blast in one operation, eliminating the need for two machines in some cases. The superior finish in one process has encouraged many companies to switch to this method of surface treatment.

Demonstration and Sample Processing Facility

The new extension, which will be fully operational by the end of 2009, will provide a 10 machine demonstration room to allow existing and potential customers to view machines in operation and bring their own sample parts to process.

New Aquablast F1

The automotive industry is just one example of many using the concept of rapid 3D prototyping, an automatic construction of physical objects using additive manufacturing technology. The prototype is formed from a CAD drawing, and then the machine transforms it into thin, virtual, horizontal cross-sections and then creates successive layers until the model is complete.

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