Radial Arm Aquablast®

Designed to automatically blast clean parts with the rotation of the turntable and blast guns

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Radial Arm Aquablast

This automated vapor blasting machine uses a rotating turntable and sweeping blast gun to process parts.

The machine is controlled by a touch screen human machine interface unit (HMI) which enables the operator to control the machine's functions.

Components are rotated on the turntable while the blast guns move side to side with a sweeping motion. The machine also features a recipe of options through the PLC programming. This controls the speed of the turntable and the movement of the blast guns, allowing for different finishes on the parts. 

The Radial Arm option is available on our Aquablast® range and can include extras such as the trolley for external loading (see optional extras). This is ideal for heavy items. The turntable can be moved outside of the chamber, loaded and wheeled back in.

  • Automated machines synchronised to turntable speeds and movement through PLC programming
  • Touch screen human machine interface unit (HMI) to control the machines functions
  • Vixen Surface Treatments are a market leader in the manufacture of quality wet blasting machines, dry blasting cleaning cabinets and degreasing & phosphating equipment. We are always happy to hear your ideas and our design team can help bring this to life

Vapor Blasting using a Closed Loop

Closed loop means that the machine will not require a drain nearby and will not consume large amounts of water. There is no need for a constant water supply. The basis for a closed loop system is a large filter unit that filters and recycles the water sufficiently for constant flow throughout blasting. It is also used for the rinse gun. Read more.

Media Roll

Mini Tumbler Barrel

The mini barrel offers the option to be able to blast many small parts (i.e. nuts and bolts) evenly. When blasted, the parts can be easily removed by removing the barrel with the grab handles and tipping out the par

Mini tumbler barrel


For easy manoeuvrability within the blast chamber a stainless steel turntable can be fitted, and for larger/heavier components a roll in-roll out trolley with rails external to the cabinet can be fitted for easier component loading.


Armholes – Bellows

For some applications where manoeuvrability within the blast chamber is required, bellow type armhole ports are recommended. These offer the operator easy access to high components or where mobile turntable.


Blast Gun Holder

Fitted inside the cabinet is a blast gun holder, enabling the operator to present the components to the blast nozzle.

Aquablast Cube

Hydro cyclone

The hydro cyclone is designed to separate water from the blasting media to around 90%. It is ideal when emptying the machine or changing abrasives.

Hydro Cyclone
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