You can browse our core range of off-the-shelf products that we manufacture as standard.

Every year we develop new products that enhance our considerable collection of wet blasting machines, dry blasting cleaning cabinets and degreasing and phosphating equipment. Although the production of bespoke products is an important focus for us, the core of our business lies with the sale of standard products.

Our product range has been divided into five separate categories, including wet blasting machines, washing and degreasing, dry blast cleaning, phosphating machines and special build. Vixen products have been refined over more than two decades and are engineered to the highest standards.

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JGD Hydroblasting

JGD Hydroblasting Nar Nar Goon, Australia

The Aquablast was the best quality machine on the market worldwide, as far as I was concerned. From my first initial enquiry about the machine to the very end and receiving this machine from Vixen, has been excellent to deal with.

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