Industrial Valves and Components

The Aquablast vapor blasting machine effectively cleans components that are used to make up a wide variety of machinery, including valves and other auxiliary equipment. These components can be in use in a vast selection of industries including chemical engineering, catering, air and rail.

The soiling on these components can range from grease and oil to more stubborn residues such as pulp and barnacles, which can be difficult to remove by hand or by other finishing methods. The vapor blasting technology used in an Aquablast is quick and powerful, and can significantly reduce the amount of production time due to the high pressure blasting that can remove residues. The compact cabinet design means that the machine is suitable to any size of workplace, and is ideal for those customers who require cleaning to take place indoors.

High Quality Cosmetic Finish

The Aquablast vapor blasting machine does not remove any material from the component being cleaned and improves the overall finish of aluminum, stainless steel, copper etc. On certain metals, e.g. mild steel, you will need to use a rust inhibitor in the water when cleaning components or castings.


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