Vixen is still operating as normal, in compliance with UK Government social distancing guidelines, and we would like to reassure everyone that we are open and responding to enquiries. In the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in, our thoughts are with the families of those fighting the COVID-19 virus and with front-line health workers around the world.

Medical Implants

Medical Implants are manmade devices that are designed specifically for every patient. They are manufactured from materials such as titanium and feature a particular finish in order to fit seamlessly during surgery.

It’s quite common for businesses who use medical implants to purchase machines from Vixen. One popular range of machines within this industry is the Jetair range. These machines aim to dry blast by using blast media/abrasive combined with high pressure that creates a rough surface finish. The rough surface helps to create a more adhesive surface for when the implants need fusing during surgery, such as joining into the bone.

The Jetair series is made up of 4 standard models, with the VM30, VM36, VM42 and VM55. The VM55 is the largest model in the range. The VM55 features a gas assisted front door as well as the many standard features all of the other machines contain.

The Aquablast range is also capable of creating this desired finish. Vixen offers bespoke Aquablast machines that can be manufactured specifically for medical implants. The Aquablast 915 comes with many special qualities. This particular machine has two blast guns that fully blast the implants, by rotation on a spigot inside the blast chamber. This allows for each part to have a uniformed finish.

With hygiene and bacteria levels being a crucial part in the medical industry, the Aquablast range ensures that no media is left behind. The water acts as a lubricant and creates a cushioning effect.

If you’re looking for a machine to fit seamlessly into a busy workplace, the Aquablast cube is the ideal appliance with its cubic shape and double guillotine doors. The Aquablast cube can even fit within production lines due to the size and can convey products very easily through the guillotine door.  


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