Aquablast Installation Guide

Your step by step video guide with our US distributor!

Do you have one of our vapor blasting machines and need help setting up?

Rick Paul, our US distributor, visited us a couple of years ago and what a busy time it was! Whilst Rick was visiting the Vixen factory, we spoke about the reoccurring questions and great feedback that we have received from our global customers. One decision and task we made during his visit, was producing an extensive list of videos so our customers could easily set up and install their new Aquablast machine. 

At Vixen, we pride ourselves in our dedication to supporting customers during the sale and after the purchase of any surface treatment machine. So we believed this to be a great way for our customers anywhere in the world, to easily set up the machine and that the videos hope to answer any queries they had throughout the life of their Aquablast. 

Aquablast Installation Video



Vixen a été très professionnel du début à la fin, et la livraison - nous sommes dans le nord de la Suède - s’est très bien passée.

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Offering the best possible support

Companies from around the globe purchase our products and we have established long-standing relationships with many world-renowned organisations.

Our aim is that a customer in any country can purchase a Vixen machine with confidence, and instal the machine quickly and as easily as possible. As ever, we are only a phone call away to assist you with on-going support.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth a lot more!

Watch our full Aquablast Installation Guide videos on our Youtube channel

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