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Frequently Asked Questions

Components can be unloaded manually from the drum, or via optional unload facilities which are available as an optional extra.

The standard machine has a first stage rinse cycle at the end of the blast cycle, which normally uses the recycled solution. A second rinse stage can be added as an optional extra. This would use clean or recycled water and can be heated so that the components will almost flash dry after the second rinse.

The standard machine is normally supplied with 2 adjustable guns. Additional guns are optional.

The Aquablast tumbler range of wetblasting machines is designed to automatically process batches of components to produce a consistent finish. The Aquablast tumbler machines automatically degrease and blast in one operation, eliminating the need for washing components prior to putting them in the machine.

Vixen has a fully trained post sales department that can advise on the most suitable media for your application. We supply a wide range of media and have free sample cases which we can send to you. You can see for yourself the different grades of media available to suit your application.

Please contact our post sales department for further assistance.

Vixen has in excess of 20 years experience in the supply of both wet and dry blast, cleaning cabinets and degreasing/pre-treatment machines, plus offers a full custom built service. Once a visit has been made to view the application our CAD department, a drawing proposal and a quotation will be supplied.

Contact our sales department for further advice.

Vixen offers a full custom built service. Whether your application requires small alterations to a standard machine, or a full turnkey CAD drawing proposal, Vixen has a solution to your problem at a price you can afford.

Contact our sales department who will be able to advise further.

Vixen can supply all the spare parts for their machines direct to the customer. Once you have purchased a machine from Vixen, you will be assigned an internal post sales contact who is available to give advice on spares and consumables.

The machine can be supplied with a closed loop rinse system. Here the water used for the windscreen wash and rinsing after blasting and is simply recycled and filtered in a sedimentation tank at the rear of the machine. Periodically this sedimentation tank needs emptying (usually once per week) and refilling with clean water.

Vixen's Aquablast machines are supplied as a complete unit. You would need to source a suitable air compressor to run the machine.

Wetblasting produces a finer finish than dry blasting and is ideal for the cleaning of more delicate components. The Aquablast machines use a water and abrasive slurry to simultaneously blast and degrease, which prevents impregnation of media onto the component.

One of the major advantages of wetblasting is that it is a dust free process.

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