Cleaning Rail Components

The Aquablast vapor blasting machine is very effective at cleaning of braking components that are associated with railway carriages and trains.

Rail components can consist of pipework, engine parts, machine valves and brake parts, all of which require relatively delicate cleaning as opposed to some cleaning methods, such as a steel shot blast system, which can be very abrasive. Media and detergent can be mixed with water into slurry to aid the Aquablast’s cleaning process, which is dust-free and completed in one compact cabinet.

The Aquablast machine is particularly effective on softer metals such as aluminium, which is often used in the construction of locomotive braking systems, as the water acts as a cushion so that added media does not cause any damage to the surface of the component on impact.

The speed of a vapor blasting application compared to a shot blast system means that production times are reduced considerably, and the high quality finish that is achieved is impossible to create by hand.

Rail braking components washed in an Aquablast machine at a manufacturer


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