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The Vixen Jetwash machine is very effective at cleaning components that are used for making missiles and other components in the aerospace industry. The machine is particularly useful when removing residues that are left behind after components have been placed into pyro ovens and other pieces of thermal processing equipment.

The nature and importance of these components means that a professional finish is crucial and cannot be easily achieved by hand. Other methods, such as a shot blast application, require an operator to be at the machine at all times and can only clean one component at a time.

The compact Jetwash cabinet means that multiple components can be loaded into the machine at one time and in a wash cycle and the machine can be left unattended until the wash cycle finishes. The efficiency of the cabinet means that manning of the machine is reduced as it can be left unattended during the cycle, while still providing excellent finishing to components and parts.

The nature of this business makes it impossible to name our clients, suffice to say Vixen is working with some of the biggest names in the global defence and aerospace industries.

Vapor Blasting Classic Aircraft Parts

The benefit of using the Aquablast vapor blast machine for cleaning or refurbishment of classic aircrfat parts prior to painting and refurbishment is that it cleans through the relatively gentle process of the flow of water rather than the aggressive impact of shot blasting technologies, and so does not damage the substrate of the material, and from an aesthetical point of view allows a superior surface finish.

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