XWORK Slovakia

The advantages of the Aquablast® 1215 machine are not to be overlooked.


Our customers XWORK in Slovakia have levelled up their blasting services with our Aquablast® 1215.

The company, founded in 2016, has experience in in motor vehicle repairs for more than 25 years. They currently offer repairs and refurbishments of components made of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and various other metals and wood. These parts are often classed as ‘beyond repair’.

XWORK’s aim is to return the component back to its original appearance and after researching which machines were on the market, XWORK decided the Aquablast® 1215 was the best option for them.

Prior to purchasing the Aquablast® 1215, their company focused mainly on painting cars and motorcycles as well as insurance claims repairs. They had also exclusively used a dry blasting machine, but decided to go one step further with wet blasting.

Our wet blasting machines combine abrasive media with water to create a slurry. This is ideal for the removal of paint, rust, scale, carbon and similar deposits. Leaving the components with a soft, satin finish. This is ideal for cosmetic finishes in the restoration of vehicle parts.

Customer Ivan Kolesárl said: “The advantages of the Aquablast® 1215 machine are not to be overlooked.”

XWORK have incorporated this machine into their business seamlessly. Not only do they use our machine to clean parts for motorcycles, cars and bicycles, but also for restoring historical objects to their original state.

The company are very happy with their machine and are looking forward to working with us in the future!

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