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The service provided by Vixen has been exceptional. Vixen has been extremely helpful in providing consumables in a timely manner. The machine has been operating faultlessly!

Vector Aerospace

Vector Aerospace based in Africa is a distribution and overhaul facility for Pratt and Whitney Canada.

They are authorised to repair and overhaul fixed and rotary-wing aircrafts around the globe restoring and maintaining PT6A engines, airframes and components.

Vector Aerospace purchased an Aquablast 915 machine with a closed-loop rinse system and a blast gun holder. The closed-loop rinse system recycles the water in the rear sedimentation tank for use with rinsing and window wash. The blast gun holder allows for the operator to easily manipulate smaller parts under the blast gun.

Vixen's Aquablast range has been designed for simultaneous blast and degreases components in a quick and easy dust-free process to achieve an outstanding finish on a variety of components.

Vector Aerospace purchased this machine to strip parts that are too delicate to be dry blasted. Before they acquired the wetblasting cabinet the parts were either chemically stripped or exported for stripping.  Now they have their own Aquablast machine this has saved them a considerable amount of time and money.

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