Vapour Blasting South Canterbury Ltd New Zealand

Over the past 7 years I have helped so many clients to get the perfect result in their Restoration Project, something New Zealanders are very passionate about including myself.

Parts are shipped very promptly to NZ without any issues and communication has always been excellent. When I eventually upgrade to the largest machine, I will not be going past Vixen.

Vapour Blasting South Canterbury Ltd

Our customers in South Canterbury LTD in New Zealand have had our Aquablast® 915 for 7 years and counting.

Vapour Blasting South Canterbury Ltd in New Zealand first discovered Vixen Surface Treatments in 2015 after conducting extensive research seeking the perfect wet blasting machine. After searching for a high quality and reliable service, Gordy Beeby and his team chose Vixen’s Aquablast® 915 and haven’t looked back since.

The company, Vapour Blasting South Canterbury Ltd first began when Gordy restored his own Suzuki Titan t500 (a priceless barn find) into a Café Race bike with his own twist. And over the last 7 years, the Aquablast® 915 has served him well.

He said: “It has been such a good investment for me and my business!”

Our wet blasting machines are popular in the restoration field due to the finer, satin like finish they create. They use the flow of waterborne abrasive to simultaneously blast and degrease components gently using a less harsh approach than dry blasting.

Some of the most popular components Gordy and his team have cleaned are wheels, carburetors, tappet covers, manifolds, gearboxes, heads, motorbike tanks and casings.

The Aquablast® 915 is one of our best-selling wet blasting machines and is large enough to host an array of components which has been ideal for what Gordy’s business needed. Throughout the years, Gordy’s company have cleaned not only metals but also plastic, wood, rubber, and fiberglass. He’s been able to do this because “the process is very gentle, yet safe. A restorer’s dream come true!”

Vixen’s reliable aftersales team have been on hand to help Vapour Blasting South Canterbury with any replacement parts, which they have not had to order many of despite the machine’s longevity, “the machine has been very reliable, just the normal wear and tear”

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