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Uplands Engineering - Kent, UK

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Uplands Engineering
Marine Industry
Kent, UK
Two Stage Jetwash Front Loader
Case study overview

Uplands Engineering based in Kent, UK uses our Jetwash Front Loader to process marine components.

Uplands Engineering specialise in all aspects of engineering for Marine and Industrial sectors for its worldwide customers. Services include Overhaul and Refurbishment, Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication, Electrical, Plumbing and many more skill sets.

In order to provide a comprehensive and top-quality service, the company decided to invest in a two stage Jetwash Front Loader from Vixen.

The washing and degreasing machine cleans and degreases parts automatically, without any outside contamination. This is vital for the industry Uplands Engineering specialise in.

Components of all sizes are loaded easily, using the component bogey trolley and are then pushed inside the machine to be washed and rinsed automatically.

Uplands Engineering use the Jetwash to remove heavily soiled engine parts from all types of engines including ships.  

This Jetwash Front Loader in particular has been fitted with many optional extras, suited to the application and for ease of the operators. This machine for example is fitted with a Siemens 7 day timer, which is ideal for when Uplands Engineering can plan their week in advance and so the machine can be used constantly as desired.

The managing director of Uplands Engineering, Steve Hitch, said: “Vixen provided us with an excellent machine. The Jetwash has helped to cut down on man hours, as cleaning parts by hand is very labour intensive. So now we press a button and the parts are thoroughly cleaned, whilst operators can complete other jobs.”

“Vixen have been excellent throughout, very friendly and helpful. When we had teething problems they were sorted very quickly.”

When cleanliness and zero contamination is vital for Uplands Engineering or any other application, you can count on Vixen’s wide range of washing and degreasing machinery to deliver just that.  

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