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Time Machine Technologies - Atlantic, Canada

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Time Machine Techologies
Antique Motorcycle and Car Engine Restorer
Atlantic, Canada
Aquablast 1515
Case study overview

Time Machine Technologies based in Atlantic Canada, are a vintage and antique motorcycle and car engines restorer, who are now looking to expand into a full welding and restoration shop after purchasing their Aquablast machine.

Time Machine Technologies purchased the Aquablast 1515 machine which is the largest standard machine in Vixen’s wetblasting range. They decided to opt for the larger cabinet to accommodate motorcycle frames yet still be able to blast something as small as a carburettor. They also decided to have the closed loop rinse system fitted, which is one of the most popular optional extras within the Aquablast range. The closed loop rinse system recycles the water in the rear sedimentation tank which is reused for rinsing down the parts and window wash. This additional feature allows the machine to be sited more freely around the workshop as it doesn’t require the machine to be placed near a drain or water supply, and is also more environmentally friendly.

Darcy from Time Machine Technologies based in Canada said:

“Having a closed loop rinse system has been beneficial as it greatly lowers water consumption and preserves the rust inhibitor that would otherwise be lost down the drain. We blast a lot of ferrous materials on a regular basis which is why we add the rust inhibitor to the water, which having the closed loop rinse system has prolonged.”

He then went on to say:

“The main benefit of the Aquablast machine is that it provides a superior finish to conventional blasting. Dealing with Vixen was very enjoyable, they were fast at answering my questions and concerns, and provided me with excellent service. I have dealt with the after sales team briefly; they were very great to deal with and promptly sent me replacement parts.”

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