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Sublime Surfacing - Canada

Vertical Tabs

Sublime Surfacing
Aquablast 1215
Case study overview

Sublime Surfacing based in Canada, purchased an Aquablast 1215 to process automotive parts. They first found Vixen after searching on the internet for companies in Canada who use and sell wetblasting machines. Ted from Sublime Surfacing contacted Vixen directly and spoke to our sales team to enquire about purchasing an Aquablast cabinet.

“I began to research what machines Vixen Surface Treatments manufactured and who the competition was and discovered that my funds were in very safe and capable hands at Vixen. I chose the size of machine by deciding on the clients I would pursue.”

“I watched more and more videos and stumbled across dry ice blasting as well and combined it as my two offerings at Sublime Surfacing.  I feel I am unique in offering both services under one roof.”

Sublime Surfacing target vehicle and equipment restoration for the vapour honing cabinet but have also opened up the services to small part paint removal, wheel repair companies, aircraft part manufacturers and machine shops. 

 “Each day that passes, I consider or discover more uses for the Aquablast machine and look forward to opening up more verticals.”

 “The team at Vixen has been very helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly.  I recommend Vixen for the front end service alone. The time difference was something I had to consider from the outset but every email was responded to diligently and did not require follow up.” 

“My business is vapour honing so this has helped me open up shop and feel I have the best cabinet I could find for reliable uptime and repeatable results. I would definitely recommend the machine.  It is well constructed, robust, simple to operate and comfortable to use.  Once growth dictates the need, I will return to Vixen for additional cabinets or parts washing machines.”

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