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Specialized Autowerk, Australia

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Specialized Autowerk
Vehicle Restoration
Victoria, Australia
Aquablast 1215
Case study overview

“The results achieved by Vixen’s Aquablast is by far the best I have seen compared to a dry blaster!”

Specialized Autowerk, based in Victoria, Australia purchased our Aquablast 1215 machine after noticing a gap in the market for hydro blasting services. With hopes to take advantage of a great opportunity, by capturing a large audience and supply a quality service at an affordable price.

The owner Jye Pawley works full time in a small Porsche workshop, specialising in aircooled 911’s and restoration work. With a keen interest in restoration in and outside of work, he decided to set up Specialized Autowerk in early 2020 as a side project.

Tailoring his service towards Automotive and bike restoration and refurbishment, Jye’s vapor blasting services cater for the northern suburbs and surrounding areas of Melbourne.

After researching alternative methods to dry blasting, Jye discovered the many advantages of Vixen’s vapor blasting technology.

“The benefits of the 1215 are far better than any results I have personally seen with using a dry blaster.”

Jye uses the 1215 as a surface finish application, cleaning light surface contaminants, rather than stripping thick heavy coatings. Having worked with a dry blaster for 10 years he’s witnessed first-hand the damages of dry blasting on delicate materials, particularly aged and porous metals and especially when using harsh, aggressive media.

With Vixen’s vapor blasting technology, this dust-free process of water mixed with abrasive cleans by flow, rather than impact. This machine ensures a superior, uniformed finish every time.  

The Aquablast 1215 is an ideal choice for customers like Specialized Autowerk. This medium- sized cabinet ensures parts from brake callipers to engine blocks can easily be processed and manoeuvred.

Ordering overseas is no problem here at Vixen! The owner Jye Pawley went on to say:

“From initial point of contact to despatch and delivery, Vixen was very easy and understanding. We were offered a really good deal, far better than expected – seeing as we are on the other side of the globe!”

Now receiving steady work flow after Covid-19 he hopes to continue his work with a view to expanding his business even further.

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