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Raw Metal - Hamilton, New Zealand

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Raw Metal -
Hamilton, New Zealand
Aquablast 1215
Case study overview

RAW Metal, based in Hamilton New Zealand, vapour blast various automotive parts using the Vixen Aquablast machine. The Aquablast range of machines use wet blasting technology to achieve a finer finish which is achieved through the lubrication and flushing action of the water. This also prevents media impregnation on softer materials.

Tony from RAW Metal searched for vapour blasting equipment on Google and came across the Vixen website. He said " After looking into what Vixen provided and making contact, it seemed like the easiest choice with the flexibility to add as many optional extras to the machine as we desired”

As Tony’s hobby was fixing up old motorcycles, he saw an opening in the market. So he decided to purchase the Aquablast machine to start up his own business to cater the wider sector of the automotive industry.

“As this is a new business venture, we are now starting to see the results with many inquiries coming in through social media and word of mouth. At the moment we are operating from our home, but we look forward to expanding our business in the future with additional machines to capture more of the market and to cater to different requirements.

Tony then went on to say:

“We found purchasing overseas brilliant! The process was very simple with deposits and balances well explained with step by step processes and went through smoothly. We received replies with updates when the money was received at the other end. The shipping process was made easier with Vixen taking care of all requirements from shore to shore including insurances.”

“We have found our contact, Debbie, and the rest of the staff to be very considerate and have responded with a reply call within half an hour of our initial inquiry. Emails have been followed up in a timely manner with relevant information. The whole team has been friendly and a pleasure to deal with.”

“I would definitely recommend Vixen Surface Treatments! We are very happy with the quality of our machine, the ease of use and the support we have received from Vixen. We would be only too pleased to endorse the product line.”

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