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Precision Wheels - Sydney, Australia

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Case study overview

Precision Wheels based in Sydney, Australia were first established on the Central Coast in 2013. They serve all major insurance companies, automotive dealers, panel shops and car enthusiasts. Their experienced staff consist of qualified tyre fitters, specialist spray painters and graduate engineers. Precision Wheels are the only dedicated alloy wheel repair facility located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. While they are located on the Central Coast, they also service the Hunter and Newcastle region as well as the North Shore of Sydney. The services they offer are: curb damage repair, custom painting, rim straightening, polished wheels, nitrogen inflation and a remanufacturing service.


To professionally refurbish alloy wheels back to original equipment manufacturer condition, they remove the tyre and valve, then thoroughly clean the wheel using the Vixen Aquablast to remove any trace of grease/brake dust/road debris, and to remove any rubber/build up on beadline or any other contaminate that will react with the later application of paint onto the wheel. This process also roughens the existing paint surface of the wheel without causing any damage, which also improves the adherence of the paint to the wheel.




As seen in the pictures, the Vixen Aquablast changed the ‘as arrived’ wheel to virtually brand new, and completed all of the tasks necessary leaving the wheel ready to be painted once the damaged area is prepared. The operation for this wheel took 14 minutes instead of hours by hand. Precision Wheels also have a parent company based in Melbourne who own a Vixen machine. After using their machine, Precision Wheels also tested other similar machines from other companies, with no machine performing all of their requirements like Vixen Surface Treatments Aquablast machine.


Here is what Kevin Pearson from Precision Wheels had to say about their Vixen machine and the service they were provided with:


“Due to the machines superior performance over any similar machine, I am reluctant to tell the opposition of our equipment advantage. However, Vixen Surface Treatments does deserve a pat on the back for this equipment! 


The service when purchasing the Aquablast machine was excellent with our knowledge of the unit making it very quick and professional. With delivery prompt and us kept well informed of in-transit information, the Aquablast arrived well packaged and in perfect condition, with excellent documentation on equipment setup!”


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