JGD Hydroblasting Nar Nar Goon, Australia

The Aquablast was the best quality machine on the market worldwide, as far as I was concerned. From my first initial enquiry about the machine to the very end and receiving this machine from Vixen, has been excellent to deal with.

JGD Hydroblasting

JGD Hydroblasting in Nar Nar Goon, Australia can now offer rapid results thanks to Vixen’s Aquablast machine.

The small business, based just 60kms east of Melbourne, specialises in the refinishing of old cars, motorcycle nonferrous and fairly new parts for clients across Australia.

Before purchasing the Aquablast 1215, JGD Hydroblasting was using a sandblast but had only limited use due to most parts not being suitable for dry blasting or would need to be chemically cleaned.

The owner, Justin, decided to research what was available for cleaning parts and that was when he discovered Vixen’s Aquablast range. He believed this machine came up top compared to competitors for being manufactured to a top-quality standard as well as the reliable back up service. He said:

"It was an easy decision in the end to make my purchase as Vixens machine along with a vast options list to tailor the machine to my requirements was the best quality machine on the market (Worldwide) as far as I was concerned." 

Despite only having the machine a short amount of time, JGD Hydroblasting is now operating at a much more effective rate.

Everyone at the company has been highly impressed with the results and the fact that it is very user friendly. This is in turn is making customers happy as they are receiving a high-quality finish.

If you’re rebuilding a vintage car or motorcycle without access to new parts (or if that is not an option), then Vixen’s wet blasting technology is a market-leading solution. No damage will be caused to valuable, nonferrous parts, allowing you to restore components with total confidence.

“From the very start with my first initial enquiry about the machine to the very end and receiving this machine from Vixen has been excellent to deal with. I highly recommend anyone looking for an Aquablast machine to not hesitate to contact Vixen and they will look after you.

"I used to have items sandblasted but is very limited to particular parts and most parts not suitable for dry blasting would need to chemically cleaned. This process is chemical free, very efficient and does not damage the substrate.”

Vixen’s Aquablast range comes with an assortment of optional extras, which again is just one of the many reasons why Justin was so keen. These additional parts allow you to tailor-make the machine so that it meets your specific needs. 

When Justin received his machine, a small solenoid valve that had been damaged in transit. However, he knew that this was not Vixen’s fault and praised the company for quickly shipping out a replacement part.

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