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South Africa
Aquablast 1215
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We are really happy with the machine and all of our customers are so drawn back by what the Aquablast is capable of doing.

"We saw the machine here in Cape Town. I had one of my motorbike parts cleaned and my business partner and I were swept off our feet by the capabilities of the water/glass mixture and what it's capable of. We wanted to try and market the machine as much as possible in the restoration business as sand blasting and other methods of blasting can damage the surface of the material whereas the water/glass cleans up the surface with no scratching what so ever. Speaking to the vixen crew was so easy and they helped us with whatever we needed, no fuss at all. Could not be happier with the service we received."

"Purchasing from an overseas company was easy and stress free. I'd recommend the Aquablast to any motor mechanic restoration company, even engineering company's to clean up mechanical part, as the Aquablast does not do any damage to the metal surface at all and it is so simple to use."

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