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Greens Automotive - Canada

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Greens Automotive
British Columbia, Canada
Aqua Wheelblaster
Case study overview

Greens’ Automotive located in Richmond, British Columbia Canada have been around since 1953. They are a family owned and operated automotive repair business. Green’s Automotive repair and refinish between 45 and 65 wheels per day. All wheels go through the Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster machine which operates 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and has become a valuable tool in their ability to repair and refurbish wheels quickly and efficiently.

The Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster combines the standard six stage process of manually preparing alloy wheels into one compact cabinet. The process uses water mixed with abrasive to blast the wheel inside the machine to create an etched finish, ready for the next stage of the repairing process. The use of water in the application ensures that no media is impregnated onto the alloy wheel. The water also provides a washing action and does not strip the wheel back to bare metal.

Jaime from Green’s Automotive in Canada said:

“The major benefit of purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster is it speeds up the refinishing process of wheel repairs.  The machine helps us clean the wheels more efficiently saving us time on wages and cleaners.  We also use fewer chemicals; in turn this is safer for the environment and employees as well, as it cuts down our recycling costs and use of hazardous materials.  The wheel blaster cleans the wheels so well that we spend less time on prepping the wheels for the paint stage.  Again, this saves us time and money.”

He then went onto say:

“We purchased the machine in 2015, we found everyone at Vixen to be very helpful and prompt, almost by return.  Any questions or concerns were addressed within a reasonable amount of time.  If the front end customer services could not help us, they were quick to pass us on to technicians if needed.  The machine itself has been problem free to operate and the owner’s manual is easy to understand and follow.”

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Greens Automotive - Canada | Vixen Wet Blasting


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