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GA & AJ Hilhorst Ltd - New Zealand

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GA & AJ Hilhorst Ltd.
New Zealand
Aquablast 1215
Case study overview

Over the years, Gerald Hilhorst from New Zealand has collected many old motorcycles that needed reviving and revamping as a hobby of his. To make this process quicker and easier, and to produce amazing results, Gerald decided to purchase the Aquablast Machine as a treat for himself as he was going into retirement. What swayed Gerald towards purchasing the Aquablast, is its ability to clean intricate parts leaving them with an excellent surface finish.


Here is what Gerald had to say about Vixen’s Aquablast and the service he received upon dealing with their sales team: “I would highly recommend a Vixen machine as they have great build quality and the machine itself is simple to set up and easy to use. Included in the machine are great features that are well thought out, it is cheap to run, and the Vixen staff are very friendly with helpful factory back up”.


Gerald’s Aquablast has a closed loop rinse system, which means the water in the machine is recycled, and can stand alone in a workshop without the need to be plumbed into a main water supply or connected to a drain to dispose of additional rinse water. The closed loop system is the most popular optional extra that Vixen offers. Another benefit of this system is that when any additives such as detergent or rust inhibitors are added, they do not get diluted with fresh water. Maintenance with the closed loop system is very easy; the sedimentation tank is fitted with castors and can be easily manoeuvred to dispose of dirty water periodically and re-fitted with clean water ready to go again.


Gerald also said “Ordering, deciding the specification, purchasing the machine from the U.K and getting it shipped to NZ couldn`t have been easier, the machine was well packed and arrived in a timely manner”.


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