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If it fits in, it gets cleaned!

Edd China

Presenter and mechanic, Edd China invited the team at Vixen to visit his Workshop in Buckinghamshire where he showcased his Aquablast® 1215 in action!

The team took a tour of the famous Workshop which is known from his YouTube Channel and his popular series ‘Workshop Diaries’ where Edd conducts his restorations.

His Workshop is also home to many of his well-known projects, including the record-breaking “World’s Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van” created by the presenter, and his Outspan Orange car. This is a fully functioning car which was based on a Mini, but in the shape of a giant orange!

Edd China currently has two Vixen machines: an Aquablast® 1215 and a Jetwash. This combination makes the perfect pair to simultaneously blast and degrease automotive parts by restoring and refinishing them to a like-new condition.

In the video below, Edd vapor blasts an aluminium casing in his Aquablast® where he uses Ceramic B60 media, supplied by Vixen, to achieve the perfect ‘retro’ finish.

When asked what type of parts Edd uses the Aquablast® for, he said:

“If it fits in, it gets cleaned!”

We have previously featured in episodes of Workshop Diaries on YouTube and we look forward to seeing how Edd continues to utilise Vixen’s equipment in his future projects!

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