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Cuznbob's Motorcycles, USA

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Cuznbob's Motorcycles
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Motorcycle Restoration
Austin, Texas, USA
Aquablast 1215
Case study overview

Cuznbob's Motorcycles in Texas, USA are a motorcycle repair and restoration company and have been running for five years. In that time, the owner Robert purchased our best-selling Aquablast 1215 to expand his business and has never looked back.

Robert manly uses the machine on classic motorcycle parts as well as aluminium tools, vintage auto parts, plastic and rubber parts and even a frying pan for a friend! The uses of this machine are endless! He believes this machine is a great first step for polishing parts and he has also received custom from a very high-end auto restoration shop in his town because the finish with the Aquablast is ‘perfect’ and as ‘close to the original’ as you can get.

Before purchasing our vapor blasting machine, Robert restored parts by hand with a lot of elbow grease or a dry blast machine which he was never fully satisfied with. He now loves the simplicity of this machine and believes it “leaves a brilliant finish that can be tailored depending on the blast media. The parts look and feel much better than dry blasting.”

He also added, “The Aquablast works quickly to clean parts, its dustless, its relatively easy to maintain, and it provides the closest thing to a ‘new part’ look and finish possible.”

“The Aquablast is the #1 quality machine on the market. I researched all the competition before purchasing the 1215 and as much as I like to ‘buy American’ Vixen’s machine is superior in every way!”

When Robert received his machine, he has a couple of start up problems but this was easily resolved with our UK aftersales team and our US distributor. He said, “They were very helpful in getting the machine dialled in for me. Consumables are easy to order too. 

The Aquablast machine is designed to quickly blast clean various components. Water mixed with abrasive media simultaneously blast cleans the part to remove deposits such as grease, rust and dirt. There are many optional extras available for this machine and Robert purchased our closed loop system. This means the machine does not need to be situated next to a drain or water supply. The water and media are recycled and he loves the fact this machine is ‘totally self-contained’.

He went on to say, “Vixen has helped my business by providing an effective way to have my parts look better than anyone else's. It’s a great income generator and my customers are always amazed when they see their part after aqua blasting.”

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