Coffs Hydroblast & Performance Kote

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Coffs Hydroblast & Performance Kote
New South Wales, Australia
Aquablast 915
Case study overview

Coffs Hydroblast & Performance Kote based in New South Wales Australia, provide high temp ceramic coating and wet/dry blasting for all alloy, steel, bike frames, engines, exhausts, turbochargers and many more.

Debbie our Export Manager recently contacted Logan, the owner of Coffs Hydroblasting & performance Kote, about his Vixen Aquablast machine and this is what he had to say:

“I discovered Vixen through searching online (Google). I found the whole process of dealing with the sales team very easy; they had very good customer service”


Logan uses his Aquablast 915 machine to blast many different parts, however he said he mostly uses it for cleaning engine parts and motorcycle parts.

Logan then went on to say:

“This machine has made a great difference to our operations. It’s so easy to clean parts, unlike any other cleaning method available. Purchasing the Aquablast machine has saved us so much time and effort!”

“I would definitely recommend the Aquablast machine, it is manufactured to a high standard and Vixen provide great after sales customer services which makes them approachable when any issues arise which are always easily sorted.”

Purchasing from overseas can be daunting for some companies but this is what Logan had to say about it:

“Purchasing overseas was great! It was easy and stress free.”

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