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Blast N Bits, New Zealand

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Blast N Bits
Vehicle Restoration
New Zealand
Aquablast 1215
Case study overview

David Walklin, in New Zealand has recently purchased an Aquablast 1215 to restore car and motorcycle parts.

After owning a maintenance engineering company for 20 years, David decided to semi-retire and to focus on his passion within the automotive industry.

David was looking for a way that he could indulge in his passion of restoring car and motorcycle parts and that’s when he discovered Vixen!

As a keen restorer, David had used chemical cleaners and dry blasting in the past but was looking for a different process. He began to research new ways of restoring parts and come across vapour blasting videos. This showed parts being restored to a like-new condition with the addition of water mixed with abrasive. That’s when he decided he needed an Aquablast 1215 for himself.

With his new vapour blasting machine, David set up his new venture ‘Blast N Bits’ and this has been received well within the restoration society. He now blasts carburettors, alloy wheels, car grills, motorcycle motors and anything else that can fit into his compact machine.

David Walklin, said: “The Aquablast 1215 is very easy to get a professional finish on just about any component. I was using dry blasting before and it just wasn’t satisfactory. I often do smaller parts in front of the owner and they are often surprised at how good their items come out.”

David has the optional extra of our closed loop system in the Aquablast 1215. This popular extra with customers means the machine without the need of a mains water supply or drain nearby. This system has a large sedimentation filter and heavy-duty air pump to recycle the water for the rinse gun and window wash. This system also removes debris and broken-down abrasive, allowing the whole process to be efficient, quick and easy.   

He went on to say: “Wonderful service. The exports manager answered all my queries about shipment to New Zealand. The machine arrived on time and was exactly what I expected and has worked faultless since it was installed.

“I must say it is very well made, affordable and very easy to use. I have been doing my own vehicle restoration for over 40 years and this machine is the bee’s knees."

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