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What The Customer Says: 

"Having researched on Google for wheel wet blasters I came across the Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster machine. We invested in the machine because we were spending too many man hours ‘prepping’ the wheels with sandpaper before repair and recoloring them and we needed a solution to help us become more efficient. The team at Vixen were friendly, helpful and informative. The delivery went smoothly and I benefitted from a ‘shipping included’ offer."

"Purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster has made my business more effective and it has also significantly decreased the consumption of sandpaper. All of my guys are enjoying the machine since the process is now a few steps

in one. By increasing the air pressure to the Aqua Wheelblaster and using a high grade garnet, we especially use it to remove the clear coat on the wheels without damaging the paint underneath. I am now considering purchasing a second machine for my other branch. I would definitely recommend this machine because it saves a lot of time and effort during the preparation process of alloy wheels."


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