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Autopro - Norway

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Aquablast 915
Case study overview

Auto Pro, a motorcycle repair and restoration shop based in Norway, purchased the Vixen Aquablast 915 machine to process motorcycle parts to achieve a ‘brand new look’. The Aquablast 915 is the most compact model in Vixen’s wetblasting range of machines. However it still has the same power output and performance as the larger models.


Steinar from Auto Pro said:

“I searched the internet to find a good way to clean engine parts and found out that aqua blasting could be a good way to go. I then started to look for suppliers and found Vixen Surface Treatments on YouTube so I decided to contact them directly.” 

Before Steinar purchased the Aquablast cabinet they processed the parts in a different dry blasting machine, which needed to be brushed with steel wool to smooth the surface after blasting. By using the old cabinet the labour was very demanding and almost impossible to reach tight spots.

“With the Aquablast machine, I do the job in a fraction of time compared to before I purchased it. The finished result makes the part look new, without any damage to the structure in the material.” 

“My customers are as just impressed as I am with the finished result, and I get a lot more "cleaning" jobs now than before I had the Aquablast machine. The business is growing as more and more people in the area see the results after the blasting process and are now convinced that this is the best way.” 

He then went on to say:

“The Vixen team were very professional and didn't try to sell you more than you needed. Once I received the machine, I realised it was a very efficient way to clean the parts without destroying the structure in castings etc.”

By purchasing the Aquablast machine this has saved Auto Pro a lot of time repairing and restoring motor cycle parts. With one of the main advantages being there is no damage to the part after the blasting process.

“It’s very seldom I buy equipment that is better than I thought it would be, but this machine genuinely is. It does the job fast with a perfect, good as new finish, and the building quality of the machine is great. It was no problem purchasing from an overseas company, the communication was very good. I am very happy with this purchase, I should have bought it a long time ago!”


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Autopro - Norway | Vixen Wet Blasting


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