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Alloy Magic - Perth, Australia

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Alloy Magic
Wheel Refurbishment
Perth, Australia
Aqua Wheelblaster
Case study overview

Alloy Magic based in Perth Australia has established themselves over the years, from a “one man operation” to having a team of dedicated staff with over 30 years’ experience in the alloy wheel refurbishment industry. After moving to Australia in 2009, Lee the owner of Alloy Magic noticed that there was a gap in the market when it came to wheel repair, so decided to start up his own business. 

Prior to Alloy Magic purchasing their Vixen machine the operators would process the wheels by hand, scotching them to key the wheels. Now that they have their own Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster machine they save a lot of time and can now process up to 20 wheels per day, which was impossible to do by hand. This ensures they get more and more work done each day, greatly improving their time efficiency.Alloy Magic mainly refurbishes wheels within the prestige market for companies such as Audi, Mercedes and Porsche.

The Aqua Wheelblaster machine is used every single day in the workshop. Lee from Alloy Magic described the machine as “seriously invaluable piece of equipment.”

Lee also expressed how the machine is cleaner for the workshop as the process is contained within the compact cabinet, in turn making it safer for the operator.

The Aqua Wheelblaster was designed specifically with the operator in mind. This machine combines the standard six stage process of manually preparing alloy wheels into one blast cabinet. As this is a wetblasting process it doesn’t create any dust making it ideal for the Bodyshop environment.

Lee then went on to say:

“Ordering overseas was fine! I dealt with Debbie who was friendly and helpful, and made the process really easy.”

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