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ACtronics Ltd - Essex, UK

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ACtronics Ltd
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Essex, UK
Aquablast 915
Case study overview
What The Customer Says: 

"Having recently purchased the Aquablast 915, we are pleased with the impact it has had upon our work. Compared to the shot blasting machine, the Aquablast 915 is much quicker and cleaner. The machine ensures that our products have a high quality finish, which in turn makes our company look professional and customer satifaction is therefore increased."

ACtronics Ltd has recently invested in an Aquablast 915 wet abrasive blasting cabinet from Vixen, for the surface treatment of automotive components. ACtronics, based in Essex, UK, is a market leader in the rebuilding of electronic automotive components. It operates in 19 different European countries and has resellers based worldwide. They also specialize in providing electrical components for brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan and many more.

Previous to purchasing an Aquablast machine, ACtronics owned a shot blasting unit, where a lot of dust was created during the process.

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