Water Refrigeration Circuits

Vixen’s vapor blasting technology is very effective at finishing a variety components used in the nuclear power industry.

The Aquablast is used to clean parts of water refrigeration circuits that are found in cooling towers. These circuits are generally used to remove heat from various sources such as machinery or heated process materials, and as a result, can become contaminated with oxides, lime deposits and other excess dirt.

The Aquablast is effective at removing these deposits as the use of water mixed with a glass bead media efficiently blasts them away, but does not damage the component during the application. The lubricating action of the water also prevents media impregnation on the metal surface of these components.

The Aquablast can be fitted with a hydro cyclone during this application, and this is particularly useful as it filters the water and media during the blasting process. The hydro cyclone separates the spent media from the useable media which reduces contamination and makes the disposal stage of the process a lot easier.

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