Vapor Blasting in Driveline and Transmission System Engineering

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Vixen’s vapor blast machine is very effective for companies who specialise in driveline and transmission system engineering.

The Aquablast is used in this industry to clean transmission parts for the development of gearboxes in various motorsports, as it effectively removes cutting fluids from components which contain high levels of silicates, as well as preparing the parts for the next stage in the manufacturing process.

These transmission parts can range in materials such as stainless steel to titanium, and as well as ensuring that all excess fluids are removed, the Aquablast’s vapor blasting technology ensures a good even finish on parts. This can be achieved by using a fine media in the vapor blasting application, such as a 90/100 Aluminium Oxide, and is particularly effective at prepping surfaces.

If these parts are not finished properly, they can be scrapped and disposed of, which ultimately can result in a loss of money. The Aquablast machine is proven to reduce the amount of defective components which in turn saves money and time.

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