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Medical Equipment

Medical equipment

Medical equipment is normally manufactured from stainless steel or delicate alloys. The surface finish for medical equipment and tools is critical for removing contaminants and a uniformed surface finish is produced to maintain high cleanliness levels. Hand tools used in surgery are sterilised and must be easily cleaned so the surface finish is critical to accommodate this.

Vixen has produced machinery to create a satin finish on pressed stainless or alloy components used in equipment sterilising tanks, so they can be easily cleaned for many years.

As medical equipment can range from very large components to very small, Vixen has needed to accommodate the variety of sizes. Vixens in house design team possess the technical capacity and expertise to enable them to adhere to any specification from the customer. Whether it’s simple dental tools requiring a surface finish or a laparoscopic device used in keyhole surgery, Vixen has produced machines for these applications.

Applications can vary so much in the medical industry. Vixen has produced wash machines to clean components used in very large magnets which is a critical part associated with an MRI scanner. These parts require extremely high cleanliness levels for bonding etc.

The Vixen Aquablast range of machines simultaneously washes and degreases components in a completely dust-free process. This range of machines combines water with media to create a slurry, this ensures no media impregnation on the parts which is crucial in the medical industry so there is no contamination. The Aquablast machine is predominantly used for scalpels and hammers.

Another Vixen machine which is used in this industry is the Jetair range, which is Vixen’s dry blasting machines. This machine produces a similar finish to wetblasting however dry blasting uses airborne abrasive to create the desired effect. These machines come with many optional extras to aid the process for example a small or large pressure pot. The standard Jetair cabinets are designed so you can easily convert the machine to a pressure blast system. This increases the speed by up to 4 times that of a standard suction machine.

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