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Billions of people worldwide rely on electricity every day, so it’s not surprising that the electrical industry is one of the largest industries in the world.

The electrical industry in itself has a wide range of sectors. Vixen has supplied numerous machines from across the entire product range. One of Vixen’s customers manufactures and supplies electric fly traps that use a plastic casing to cover over the light. They purchased the Jetair VM42, to blast clean the casings using high pressure mixed with abrasive to create the desired effect. In this case, it was to dull the plastic down to create an opaque finish.

The dry blast range is designed to provide quick, clean and efficient results across a wide range of cleaning and treatment applications. One of the main features of the Jetair range is the high-performance dust collection system fitted to the machine. This allows for maximum internal visibility which is key to obtaining first-class results.

The Jetwash range is also popular within this industry sector to wash and degrease electrical equipment such as crimpers and spanners. The Jetwash machines have both top loading and front-loading machines, to accommodate all sizes of components. The top-loading machines are smaller but are more popular due to electrical equipment and tools being able to fit into the basket.

The Jetwash range of machines is designed to wash and degrease objects automatically using hot water and detergent via a rotating boom. These machines have a double stainless steel skin with 28mm of insulation cavity. The Jetwash machines are also used for the processing of tool handles before applying the plastic covers. This allows for better gripping and installation of the plastic.

ACtronics Ltd

ACtronics Ltd Essex, UK

Having recently purchased the Aquablast 915, we are pleased with the impact it has had upon our work. Compared to the shot blasting machine, the Aquablast 915 is much quicker and cleaner. The machine ensures that our products have a high quality finish, which in turn makes our company look professional and customer satifaction is therefore increased.

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The Aquablast machine can also be used in the electrical industry. This particular machine is used by ACtronics in Essex who use the Aquablast 915 to process electrical automotive components. They purchased this machine to create high-quality finishes on their electrical objects. The wet blasting process uses the flow of water borne abrasive and not by media impact. This ensures no media is left behind on the part and creates a softer surface finish due to the lubrication.

The Vixen Tristar range is also popular within the electrical industry to wash and degrease small electrical fittings such as plugs and contactors. This machine as standard comes with 3 stages: immersion, wash and dry. The main benefit of the Tristar machine is once the parts are loaded, the wash and dry processes start automatically.

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