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The Automotive Industry is one of the most significant economic sectors in Manufacturing. This industry is a competitive market with cleanliness levels and expectations for components constantly rising. Components involved in engine manufacture have to meet critical requirements, which are becoming stricter and harder to achieve.

Vixen has manufactured bespoke and standard machinery for a wide range of companies including Red Bull F1, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford Motor Company, BMW mini and many others.

Vixen has created modified, automatic and even robotic machines to meet the needs of this industry. Vixen’s range of spray wash machines consist of top loading and front loading machines which are mainly used to degrease parts such as engines, gear boxes, numerous aluminium castings and applications.

The front loading machines can accommodate for larger parts as you can use a crane or a jig to externally load the parts into the basket, as it features a large front opening door to provide more sufficient access. A popular optional extra which you can get with this machine is the hand lance to reach cavities within engines for example.

Olsen Motor Sport

Olsen Motor Sport Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

The Vixen machine has impressed existing and potential clients so much so that we have received additional and new work! It is the workhorse of our operation.

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Another range of machines which Vixen manufacture is the Agisonic range which provides a deep clean on automotive components. The Agisonic machines use the cavitation process which vibrates the water and the liquid detergent using a high frequency and sound. This removes the durst and oil contaminates by creating a scrubbing effect on the parts.

Vixen’s most popular range of machines, the Aquablast range, is highly sought after in the Automotive Industry. This range is designed to simultaneously blast and degrease components in a quick and easy dust-free process. This creates a softer surface finish which is preferred in the Automotive Industry. As the wet blasting process produces no dust, a lot of companies lean towards this rather than dry blasting, because when working in a limited space it is important that it is kept clean and safe.

Over the years, alloy wheels have replaced pressed steel wheels. Majority of cars are now fitted with either diamond cut or aluminium wheels. Bodyshops and garages now need to repair minor wheel damages, for example, curbed wheels. Vixen’s Aqua Wheelblaster machine is the market leader for this industry and Vixen now also supply the Vertical Wheel Lathe.

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