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Aerospace also relies heavily on wet blasting for various manufacturing processes. This is to ensure a gentle cleaning action to the objects that are also very precise. Wet blasting can include surface preparation such as removing heat scale from turbine blades, to deep cleaning and the removal of contaminants when servicing jet engines.

Using our wet blasting machines in the aerospace industry can help increase production rates due to the quicker processes.

You have full control of the wet blasting machine by adjusting the parameters to produce a flow of slurry and blasting pressure that can vary from delicate to aggressive. This is beneficial for high-precision manufacturing applications within the aerospace industry. Another advantage of the wet blasting process is that it is more easily repeatable.


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The service provided by Vixen has been exceptional. Vixen has been extremely helpful in providing consumables in a timely manner. The machine has been operating faultlessly!

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The design team at Vixen work with Aerospace industries to ensure the bespoke Aquablast machines can produce seamless results every time.

These include a cosmetic finish, descale the part, produce a suitable finish for crack detection, clean to a high standard and also remove stress raisers. An advantage to wet blasting is the lack of surface damage and the minimal impregnation of media. With wet blasting, the media always has a cushion of water when it is hitting the part. This is vital for the aerospace industry due to their strict policies when testing the quality of a part.

Vixen also has an extensive range of standard and bespoke dry blast cabinets that are suitable for the blasting of aerospace parts. This includes suction and pressure feed cabinets. 

Vixen’s most popular range includes the Jetair machines that feature 3 standard machines: the pressure blast, suction blast and the tumbler. Each of these machines can be used in this industry and can have the option of extras which can be tailored to specific applications. This can include maintaining, repairing and overhaul of equipment.

Vixen also offers automatic and custom-built machines to adhere to any specific provisions required by the customer.

Our vast customer base includes the likes of British Aerospace, Pluna Airlines (Uruguay, Export), Ethiopian Airlines and Rolls Royce.

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