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Wet blasting was innovated for the surface finishing of aerospace components.

Today it continues to be a recognised and preferred process in the industry for many applications.

In our 30 + years of design, manufacture and innovation of wet blasting machines, we have supplied manual and automated solutions for most finishing requirements in the manufacture and MRO sides of the aviation industry.

Wet blasting is an ideal finishing or process step for many materials and applications in aerospace manufacturing and MRO. This is due to its dust-free environment, which is ideal for titanium components, and creates a clean and reactive surface.




How Can Wet Blasting Help Your Manufacturing or MRO Processes?

  • Surface finishing of components to remove manufacturing marks and create a consistent finish and required Ra.
  • Material removal and surface treatment of parts manufactured and treated at high temperatures.
  • Deburring or edge rounding of manufactured parts that can aid component tolerances.
  • Surface preparation and or descaling to create a reactive surface, perfect for coating or painting.
  • Cleaning of engine components to remove combustion deposits prior to the FPI process steps.
  • Coating removal without changes to the substrate for MRO, such as aircraft landing gear including wheels and brakes for paint removal before NDT inspection.
  • Wet blasting composite to create a clean and consistent wet out surface which creates a stronger bond between materials without fibre damage.
  • Wet peening to induce compressive stress and increase resistance to fatigue of a component.


We have a range of manual equipment or automated solutions to fit straight into your production requirements.

Learn more about our range of wet blasting machines or request a free sample processing trial to see the results on your components.

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