Alloy Wheel Vapor Blasting

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Alloy Wheel Vapor Blasting

The Aquablast vapor blasting machine is proving immensely popular for alloy wheel repairs prior to wet painting or powder coating. The dryblast system tends to be very abrasive and causes too much damage.

The Aquablast has water as opposed to dry media which you can add a detergent too. The process is dust free with a dual cleaning process which cleans the wheel and removes the surface lacquer and breaks the paint surface prior to repainting and lacquering. All the work is done in one machine as opposed to using several machines (washing machines and a blast machine) if using a dry blast system.

Quite simply by using the Aquablast vapour blasting machine you will be able to simultaneously degrease the wheel and provide a soft etch giving a suitable key for wet spraying or powder coating to adhere to the surface.

Visit Vixen's new website dedicated to the Aqua Wheelblaster, a specially modified wetblasting machine specifically for alloy wheel repairs - click here.

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