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‘ VTL had a requirement for the cleaning of a high precision Aluminium component with an extremely high cleanliness specification to go with it. The part had complex oil galleries that could not be cleaned by conventional methods. VTL went to vixen with a concept of a high pressure robotic system which Vixen then took forward and developed into the system we have now. Because of the success of the 1st machine we have now ordered a follow up machine for a new project. This machine is a key component to the success of our production line and Vixen stood upto the challenge’

VTL Precision Ltd - United Kingdom

The wet blasting process applied from the Aquablast915 is very gentle, very selective and non-damaging, which is very important when treating rare, one-off parts. The range of adjustment is very impressive. By simply regulating the air pressure, I’m able to clean Mazac alloy carburetors without removing the patina and on the opposite range – I can remove carbon deposits in two stroke engine head combustion chambers. The machine is very versatile in the way it can be used. I was particularly surprised when I noticed that the wet basting applied by the Aquablast 915 doesn’t remove stamps on Al castings, put on in the past during the assembly process! This is how delicate it can be! Also it doesn’t damage threads, they just get cleaned!

I can only commend Debbie for providing all info and for her patience in answering my equiries and technical questions etc. From there the entire transaction was also swift and efficient."

Janusz Gruszka - Classic Restorer, South Africa

"We have had the machine up and running and played around with it… we are totally amazed! I have been using various methods of cleaning alloy engine components for the last 36 years and NOTHING has ever come close to this!

We would like to say thank you for your professional service, it has been a pleasure doing business.”

Chris McNatty – Batts Motorcycles, New Zealand

“My company, Star Prototype, is based in China. In 2010 we were looking for a new machine to remove an expanded PU foam from within our CNC machined ABS models, and also the cleaning/finishing of aluminum parts.

After a lot of testing and searching throughout China and other countries, we simply couldn't find a machine that would do even remotely what a Vixen Aquablast machine would do. We personally imported the Vixen Aquablast machine from Teesside in the North East of England to Zhongshan without any difficulty what so ever, and the machine has performed excellently and has produced amazing results.

The true test is that we have two machines standing side by side, a Chinese made machine and a British made machine. My Chinese workers simply gravitate towards the Vixen machine because it simply works the best by far, providing great results. In short, the Aquablast is a truly great, reliable, dust free machine.”

Gordon Styles, ManagingDirector – Star Prototype, China

"I decided to invest in a Vixen machine and I could have got one locally but it was not of the same quality. Purchasing from an overseas company was not a problem and the Vixen staff made the process really easy. Vixen have been a great company to do business with and both the aftersales service and backup have been exemplary.

I enjoy what I do and take a genuine interest in my customers' projects and share their enthusiasm because I enjoy seeing an unloved, abused vehicle brought back to its former glory."

Allen Sutton - The Hydroblast Shop, Dandenong, Australia

"Having recently purchased the Aquablast 915, we are really pleased with the impact it has had upon our work. Compared to the shot blasting machine, the Aquablast 915 is much quicker and cleaner. The machine ensures that our end products are of a high quality, which in turn makes our company look more professional and customer satisfaction is therefore increased."

Christian Planting, Technical Manager- ACtronics Ltd, Essex, UK

“We are able to put a course media in one side of the machine, to remove marks and ridges, and a finer abrasive on the opposite side to allow for a cosmetic finish.

The guillotine door separates the two wash chambers, so we can use both of them at the same time. We are also able to open up the door to create one large wash chamber for bigger components. The machine really is ideal for our needs.”

Peter Harden, Production Director - Magnetic Shields Ltd, Kent, UK

“The machine’s capability is now the main focus of the business. Before we invested in Vixen’s Aquablast machine we used to finish the components using hard labour and elbow grease, whereas now, the absolute ease of use of this machine saves so much time during the process.”

Peter Berendt, Managing Director - The Aqua Blast Shop, Australia

"Our Aquablast machine was tailored to suit our individual requirements and for a very reasonable price we have achieved the desired results.

The Aquablast has also resulted in Qioptiq removing a subcontract operation for all wet blasting needs and is now achieving consistent results with vastly reduced cycle times.

The machine is functioning better than expected despite being worked hard, and is providing consistent results with a cycle time that has surpassed anything that we have achieved using manual blast methods."

Peter Hewitt - Qioptiq, UK

“I would just like to thank the Vixen team for the professionalism and the way that my enquiries regarding the Aquablast 915 were handled - I think that this influenced this decision to buy the machine.

The order was placed, machine despatched, and on arrival was installed and set up. The results are amazing - I am very impressed with the results that can be attained with the machine and would recommend the Aquablast to any perspective clients.

Bernard Schofield - South Africa

“Since introducing the Aquablast, time has been cut to just 2 ½ man hours, and has removed the need for cleaning as a separate operation, prior to surface finishing. An additional benefit is that the finish is now consistent and controllable, and any one of our staff can use it. We have time and control back in our hands. The process has also removed sore and cut fingers! We would highly recommend Vixen’s Aquablast.”

Bill Redman, Managing Director – Redman Engineering, UK

“We have a small workshop where repairs and restoration of classic motorcycles is undertaken. We also take on blast cleaning from the car and motorcycle trades and general public. In the past we used a dry bead blasting cabinet for the cleaning of parts, but decided to move to a wetblast system to improve the finish of components.

After researching wetblast machines we chose the Vixen Aquablast because of its stainless steel construction, cabinet size, competitive pricing and the willingness of the company to meet our needs.

We have found a significant improvement in finish, speed, reliability and cleanliness with the Aquablast. The process is dust free and as such, visibility during blasting is vastly improved, reducing the time required to clean each component.

We have no hesitation in recommending the Vixen Aquablast to anyone considering buying a wetblast machine.”

Douglas Cook, Managing Director - DJ SC Cook, Australia

“The equipment has been a superb addition to the tools our workshop uses for refurbishing motorcycle engine components, and we continue to find more applications to experiment with. The Aquablast 1215 has clearly reduced the time to refurbish these items compared to previously. We now have a factory finish and could not ask for better.”

Alf Hubbard, Managing Director – Alf’s Motorcycles, UK

"As the Vixen machine has now enabled us to control our blast cleaning, we have significantly reduced costs and lead times on painted steelwork. We no longer need to use subcontractors, and the finish the machine produces is excellent"

John Mallinson, Production Manager - Playdale Playgrounds, UK

"The purchase of the Vixen AB915 wetblasting cabinet has sped up our cleaning process considerably and at the same time cut down on manual labor. As a company involved in engine reconditioning we need to clean up a wide range of items including engine blocks, cylinder heads etc.

We previously did this by hand using wire brushes, however we now wetblast all of the components in the Vixen Aquablast cabinet and the result is a much more presentable end product."

Matthew Hargrave - Lockside Engineering, UK

"We use the Aquablast 915 machine from Vixen daily for wetblasting of clutch assemblies in the main. The dry blasting process was very dusty as opposed to wetblasting which is a dust free process. We now spend less time and money in topping up the media as the wetblast machine prolongs the media life. Overall we are very impressed with the machine and the service from Vixen."

Rhys Boden - Clutch & Gearbox, UK

"The Aquablast 915 is an amazing machine that provides a cleaning and finish on metals and plastics that we use in the restoration of cars and motorcycles that can't be replicated with other machines. It reduces the process from days with chemicals to hours with solvents, and we can't wait to buy another machine!"

Kevin McDiarmid - Vaporblast Canada, Canada

"Having had 30 odd years in the building industry along with TV construction programs for the BBC and the Discovery channel, when my son joined my company as an apprentice 2 years ago the search began to diversify.

Both of us are in to restoration - myself with furniture and motorbikes and my son with classic Minis. On many occasions we have looked at less aggressive ways to clean corrosion and tarnish from aluminium other than sand or bead blasting. We found an internet clip showing vapour blasting in action and it took about 10 seconds to realise that we needed a machine, so the search began. Several machines were pondered over until we saw Vixen’s range, and after a quick phone call a meeting was arranged.

We only intended to see a machine demonstration but after just one hour we had agreed on an Aquablast 915. We now advertise our vapor blasting services and have a small but steadily increasing workload for it. We now blast clean architectural ironmongery, car components, motorcycle components as well as carrying out our regular joinery work. Many thanks to such a friendly team at Vixen - a degreaser next I think!”

Alan Herd, Managing Director - Progrip Systems, UK

"We have been totally impressed by our Aquablast machine and the professional service that Vixen Surface Treatment offers. The professional training and aftersales service has been first-class."

Andrew Buckley, Director - Colour Anodising Ltd, UK

“We have been very impressed with the Aquablast machine. It is quicker than traditional methods and produces a better surface preparation result which in turn has improved our overall efficiency and finish to the work we carry out. We found it a good investment being far more cost effective and would not hesitate in recommending this product.”

Phil Murdock - Diamond Alloys Ltd, UK

We purchased a custom built Aquablast 1515 with two pumps for two man operation and a mini barrel option for small parts. The machine has performed very well and has improved our cleanliness considerably. The barrel in particular has been wonderful. Our fasteners and small parts have never been as clean and we are doing it with the only labor, this being to load and unload the barrel. As we continue to grow we will most likely buy from Vixen again."

Josh Hamilton, Plant Manager - CharNor, Illinois, USA

"Our previous machine was old and run down, meaning the finish was far from superior. We were spending lots of money on repairing our old machine, until we decided to invest in the Aquablast 915, and we are immensely happy with our new results.

Our new Aquablast doesn't tumble the parts that we need finishing - meaning that they are not damaged in any way. As well as performing fantastically, the machine looks great too. Its far more modern and advanced than anything we have used before."

John Clausen - General Dynamics, Alabama, USA

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